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Trail Services

Common Ground offers a diverse range of trail related services. Our specialist skillset is derived from extensive experience in the planning, architecture, design and construction industires. We are responsible for numerous successful private and public projects. Our unique specialist skills have been combined to offer a professional perspective on trail services including;

Mountain Bike and Recreation Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Planning,

Sound planning is the basis of successful and sustainable trail systems. Common Ground have extensive master planning and strategy development experience in multiple sectors.


From ascertaining the clients goals and aspirations and defining the project vision, to undertaking landowner negotiation and planning application preparation and submission, Common Ground are able to successfully undertake all aspects of the planning process.


We utilise our extensive experience combined with referencing locals knowledge to assist in the projects constraints & opportunities definition.Common Ground enjoy building long lasting relationships and value community and stakeholder consultation.


Through utilising a collaborative and consultative approach with all stakeholders we ensure universal satisfaction during the planning process.

Design & Mapping
Mountain Bike and Recreation Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Planning,

Common Ground design creative trails to be fun with a focus on sustainability to ensure longevity and minimised impact.


To ensure client and user satisfaction we adopt a methodical but creative approach in order to achieve sustainable and innovative trails and features.


Common Ground utilise proven methods and progressive digital technologies including GPS, GIS, Cad & 3D to ensure a high level of documentation and budgeting accuracy. This is aided by our background in Architectural design and documentation.


Our trail systems and facility designs focus on progression, allowing for diverse user abilities in safe and inviting environments with little ecological impact.


We specialise in mountain bike trail and facility design, trail infrastructure and amenities design as well as specialist design of dirt jumps, pump tracks and skills parks.


"The new Big Pine trail is a flow-packed roller coaster ride – big respect to trail builder David Willcox for that one. The addition of a 25m log ride just makes it even better, even letting you gain a couple of positions in the race if you get it right. Endless berms that hug you like yo mumma, floaty table top jumps and the odd patch of pea gravel poking through to keep you watchful… it was bloody brilliant stuff." Flow Mountain Bike Magazine

Construction & Maintenance
Mountain Bike and Recreation Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Planning,

Common Ground are experienced trail builders capable of constructing a variety of recreational trail projects to meet Australian and International construction standards.


We are willing to undertake projects with a varied level of engagement from project management of volunteer groups through to full construction services.


By adopting sustainable construction techniques we ensure trail longevity and reduce the degradation process. We follow strict internal guidelines to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem in sensitive environments.


We efficiently and effectively resource projects to ensure they are delivered within predetermined timeframes and on budget.


Common ground undertake remedial works and general maintenance of existing trail networks and we are also experienced in the design and construction of trail infrastructure.

Mountain Bike and Recreation Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Planning,

Common Ground undertake extensive community and stakeholder consultation to define market demand and gap analysis. 


We offer professional services to deliver feasibility studies of proposed trail systems and facilities outlining project scope, budget requirements, project staging and implementation recommendations.


We undertake audits of existing facilities to improve existing systems including offering professional advice on safety and trail quality.


We are able to advise on location suitability of proposed facilities and recreational trails.


Common ground can also develop management plans, maintenance schedules and assist groups with volunteer training.





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