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Mountain Bike and Recreation Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Planning - David Willcox


Common Ground is a trail consultancy specialising in all facets of developing and establishing mountain bike facilities in an aim to connect people with trails, spaces, landscapes and most importantly each other.


Common Ground evolved from a shared love of mountain biking and trails, and the unique ability for them to unite individuals and communities. Our team are experienced and passionate mountain bikers and we aim to infuse this enthusiasm into every project we undertake, from small scale volunteer projects, through to major hub development or region wide master planning.


Our successfully planned and well executed trails create future advocates for the natural environment and through fostering a ‘common ground’ between agencies and enthusiasts we are able to design and develop universally accepted, sustainable and iconic trails. 


As a company we are driven by our aspirations for the development of exceptional mountain bike trails, infrastructure and tourism destinations. Our aim is to develop sustainable trails which compliment and enhance the spectacular landscapes we work within without detriment to the local ecology. We achieve this by an environmentally sensitive and sustainable approach fostering interaction with the environment in a safe and mutually beneficial way.


Our passion for trails and desire to satisfy supports our unwavering dedication to delivering projects of an outstanding result. This is achieved through strict internal project controls and an inclusive approach throughout various project stages. Our wide ranging master planning background and in-depth experience in facilitating stakeholder workshops ensures a professional approach to each project. Strong stakeholder rapport and liaison are the cornerstone of this performance. 


Common Ground is community minded and has a passionate interest in mountain biking. Through our firsthand experience with planning and mountain biking over the past decade, we understand the importance of well planned and executed trails and facilities.  Our experience and passion delivers unsurpassed attention to detail, accuracy of planning, construction excellence and project management.


Above all, we believe that all cycling facilities should be fun and we will always push boundaries to ensure this is the case.

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